Edwards: A Natural History of Birds - 4

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  • X, Pages 157 - 248
  • With 53 coloured Plates

Kategorie: Ornithologie

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George Edwards:

  • A Natural History of Birds
  • Most of which have not been figured or desribed and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill designed
  • This Part exhibits the Representations of thirty-nine Birds, engraven on thirty-seven Copper Plates, and coloured in their natural and proper colours, after curious Original Paintings
  • Designed from the Life: with a full and accurate Description of each
  • To which are added by way of Appendix sixteen Copper-Plates, representing the Figures of many Curious and undescribed Animals, such as Quadrupeds (both Land and Amphibious), Serpents, Fishes and Insects: the whole contianing fifty-three Copper-Plates, which is the full Number given in each of the foregoing Parts of this Work. Every Bird, Beast, etc is coloured from the original Painting, according to Nature
  • Volume 4 and last



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  • Gedruckt auf einem schönen alterungsbeständigen und säurefreien Werkdruckpapier, das den Originaleindruck am besten wiedergibt.
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  • Bibliophil ausgestattet mit rundem Rücken und Lesebändchen.
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Sprache: Englisch
Altverlag: College of Physicians Warwick-Lane
Erscheinungsort: London
Erscheinungsjahr Original: 1751
Schrifttyp: Modernes Schriftbild
Format: 30,5 x 22,4 cm
Fines Mundi Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
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